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Tourist Information Center

Originally a store house built in 1933, the renovated Tourist Information Center acts as a focal point for sightseeing information while retaining a nostalgic retro feel.
Many Saijo City specialty products and souvenirs can be purchased here. Rental cycles are also available.

Tourist Information Center
Open Hours 9am – 6pm
Regular Holiday Open 365 days a year
Admission fee Entrance is free
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Exhibit Information

Uchinuki Natural Spring Water (Uchinuki Tasting Corner)

Here you can taste Uchinuki spring water, which is actually springing from the ground!
About Uchinuki: water which flows from underneath the Ishizuchi Mountain range (including Mt. Ishizuchi, the tallest peak in western Japan) flows into a water table underneath Kamo River. The water under pressure springs forth naturally to the surface, and we call this water Uchinuki.
In old Saijo City there are natural spring water wells across a large area, and it is said there are approximately 2,000 of them. The amount of Uchinuki water produced daily is estimated at 900,000m cubed, and given its little variance in temperature year-round, it is widely used for daily life, agriculture, and industry. This Uchinuki water has been selected multiple times as one of the top 100 waters of Japan.
Also, Uchinuki can be found at select spots throughout Saijo City, and through the Saijo Sightseeing Association you can learn more about the water and its history through “Saijo Uchinuki Famous Water Tours.”

Mt. Ishizuchi Introduction Corner

The tallest peak in western Japan at 1,892m, Mt. Ishizuchi is at the center of the Ishizuchi Mountain Range. Here we introduce the mountain through photos of it and its wonderful flora and fauna.

Saijo City Specialty Products Corner

Many of Saijo City's specialty products and souvenirs can be purchased here.
Railway History Park in Saijo souvenirs are also on sale.